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Conzerol® for Children with Molluscum Contagiosum

Children can have a difficult time dealing with molluscum contagiosum. As a highly contagious viral disease it is very common for children to spread this condition to friends and playmates. Children constantly come into contact with each other at school, at recess, at play, and frequently share toys and other items. The opportunities to pick up molluscum contagiosum are everywhere.

Children are likely to find the bumps and lesions rather uncomfortable, and are likely to scratch and irritate the bumps. It’s hard for children to understand how this virus works, and they may unwittingly exacerbate their discomfort.

Allowing the lesions to heal on their own is not the best approach for children. They have a hard time curtailing their levels of activity and play, while consistently keeping the lesions covered to avoid infecting their friends. Common treatments like cryotherapy and curettage are often uncomfortable and scary for children.

Doctors advise using a topical ointment like Conzerol® to clear up cases of molluscum contagiosum in children.

Children should have Conzerol® applied to their lesions two to three times daily. Parents should take care to cover the affected areas to allow the ointment to remain on the skin and prevent the spread of the virus.

WIth consistent application, Conzerol® can completely clear up the lumps in as little as one week. When you see that the bumps have disappeared, the risk of contagion is gone. Now your child can return to a daily routine of playing with friends and sharing their toys.

Conzerol® cream is safe in children over 1 year of age. With supervision, even young toddlers and pre-schoolers can safely treat molluscum.



“My son had molluscum contagiosum and my doctor prescribed a cream meant to treat eczema. The treatment didn’t work on the lumps and instead, just irritated it. A friend recommended Conzerol® and I decided it was worth a try. Within a few days, all of my sons lumps were gone.”

“My daughter had huge clusters of lumps all over her back and arms. A dermatologist recommended an oral acne treatment, but that seemed too intense for an 8-year-old child. I researched other treatments online and discovered Conzerol®. When it arrived I applied it three times a day to my daughter’s lumps, and they cleared up within a month”

“My teen son had lots of lesions on his arms and chest and his dermatologist kept saying it was just puberty and acne. We tried every kind of acne cream and toner at the pharmacy, with no progress. We got a second opinion from another doctor who informed us it was really molluscum contagiosum, a virus. While it was shocking to hear that the other doctor had been wrong, it was good to finally an appropriate diagnosis and path forward. Within one week of using Conzerol®, the bumps started to clear up.”

Conzerol® is safe in children over 1 year of age.

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